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Our Vision

Risk Management needs to change in accordance with the changing world

The world is going through a digital revolution with changing customer/stakeholders’ behaviour and interactions. Business models of companies are becoming obsolete faster than ever seen before. The world is characterised by increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, – often referred to the VUCA world. Solutions and models used in the past do not give full answers to future challenges.

Our Focus

Digital Revolution & Volatility strategies


We dedicate our resources to research Digital and Volatility trends and provide best in class proprietary information, analysis and solutions to our clients in order to adopt their investment and risk approach to these changing trends (trend analysis, identification if leading indicators, required changes in asset allocation and heading strategies).

What we do

Advisory services and Investment strategies

Investfair provides advisory services, interim management and investment solutions to professional clients. We work with insurance companies, banks, pension funds, corporates and non- profit organizations who seek to obtain independent executable solutions and recommendations. 


Our Investment & risk management services

  • Interim CIO and CRO
  • Strategic advice (digital and volatility trends)
  • Alternative Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  • Due diligence on assets allocation strategies and risk framework
  • Due diligence on fund manager, fund selection advice, independent fund performance review
  • Projects on Valuations of structured products and / or portfolios
  • Independent assessment of models and risk strategies according to the latest trends
  • Development of rating and (credit or market) risk management solutions in the context of Digital Transformation

We help you to understand what digitalization implies and what digital transformation means to your organization, stakeholders and clients.

What the new environment implies for the discipline of risk and investment management – and determining which adjustment still need to be made. We identify new leading indicators to assess risks and provide options on hedging them.

We help creating more awareness in the risk culture of the organization about these risks and create a more consistent risk culture throughout the organization.

We develop strategies to address emerging risk.


Please contact us to provide a free consultation on investment and risk solutions

Do you wonder how you can benefit from and cover potential risks in a new digital world? Please reach out to us to hear our complimentary presentation about the latest digital and volatility trends.

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